Elisha Darlin Art Award

The Annual Elisha Darlin Art Award honors a person or persons who have made outstanding contributions to the arts in Dubuque.  Honorees are recognized at an annual awards banquet.  The award was named in honor of Elisha Darlin (1924-1993), a founder and early board member of Fine Arts Society. 

January 2018, the Fine Arts Society nominations included Art on the River Committee, Creative Adventure Labs, Tim McNamara, Northeast Iowa School or Music, Tim Runde, and Voices Productions. Fine Arts Society presents the 2018 Elisha Darlin award to Tim McNamara.

Dubuque County Fine Arts Society is proud to announce: Timothy McNamara to receive 2018 Elisha Darlin Art Award. Timothy McNamara has been an integral component of the development of Dubuque’s Historic Milwork District. Recognizing the power of art as a catalyst for gentrification, Tim and Wilmac Property Company have fostered the arts with studio and event space for more than 30 years.

As cofounder for Voices from the Warehouse District Tim brought great attention to Dubuque’s blighted warehouse district. His dedication and investment in the arts and the district have led to today’s thriving neighborhood of warehouse lofts, eclectic restaurants as well as retail and office space. “My focus has been to foster a sense of community”. Tim says. “ I like to create opportunities for arts, design and architecture to sustain a good living.” Tim’s fostering of community is exemplified by his vision as a founding member of the long running Dubuque and All That Jazz music events at the Town Clock Plaza.

The DCFAS Elisha Darlin Art Award has a 35 year history of honoring outstanding people for their contribution the arts and cultural landscape of Dubuque. Past recipients include Ruth and Russ Nash, Sue Riedel, Lenore Howard and Doug Donald, Gail Chavenelle, Sandye Voight, Gene Tully, Fran and Ellen Henkels, former Dubuque City Councilwoman Ann Michalski, William Intriligator, Connie Twining and Stormy Mochal, and the Dubuque Cultural Preservation Committee, among many others. Last award recipient was Greg Orwell, retired Director of Colts Youth Organizaion.

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