Ali Levasseur

President & Treasurer

Events Manger, Five Flags Civic Center

Ron Tigges

Vice President

Owner Operator, Digital Dubuque

Paul Kohl


Professor of Film Studies, Loras College

Bibi Burke

Arts Advocate

Art Roche

President DBQ One Acts

Doug Mackie

CAD Designer, Lands End

Owner / Choreographer Dugodug Productions

Alanda Gregory

Owner / Operator Alanda the Authorpreneur

Library Assitant Carnegie-Stout Public Library

A message from Board President

“What I see for DCFAS overall is support and promotion of all genres of Art.  With the aspect that ART is in this world and for everyone to experience.  It is not just for the rich, it is not just paintings on a white wall with perfect lighting and perfect humidity.  When people are strapped in for a conversation with me about Art, I always talk about the Tree or Art and how the branches continue to grow, expand, and bud new extensions.  I feel that the history and starting mission and vision of DCFAS embraces this Tree.  The mission (Dubuque County Fine Arts Society (DCFAS) provides opportunity to artists and low to no cost art experiences to the Dubuque Community while also working as an incubator for new artistic programs and endeavors. Is about supporting all arts and getting these arts and experiences to the community.  The incubator gives legs to ideas to see if they stand.  This can create all new experiences for a community member to inspire them to create more, maybe a new branch on the Tree of Art.  Continual growth, expansion, does that make sense?  Let’s say an idea doesn’t stay, and the leaves fall, that can be compost/mulch to help a new idea start and grow.”