“Horizons” – Opening Dec. 7th, 7-9pm

November 13, 2012

December Exhibit by painter Edward Obermueller to open with a reception on Friday December 7th from 7:00-9:00 pm 489 W. Fourth St.

Edward Obermueller has been a professional oil and watercolorist since 1997. He studied painting under Wendell Arneson at St. Olaf College. He has had solo exhibitions regionally and nationally as well as numerous corporate and private commissions. He grew up in Wyoming, where the vast landscape deeply influenced his artistic sensibilities. Edward lives in Iowa where he also teaches drawing and painting.

Artist’s Statement:

This exhibit features impressionist landscapes and cityscapes with many local scenes, as well as a brand new series of “horizons” or abstracted landscapes.

“I am drawn to the deep horizon, the looking outward toward possibilities, the play of light and depth and color, and the spiritual meaning these can bring. I love placing architectural and figural forms into a landscape and exploring how the geometric lines and organic lines and shapes interact with each other.”

“I often work from a combination of reference photos with on-site observation and drawing, adding in memory associations and my own invention as I complete the piece. I like showing evidence of the process of the work in the brushstrokes, under layers, or pencil marks, as well as letting the viewer see the luscious quality of the paint and pigment. My work is often a celebration of color, of surprising combinations of contrasting colors, colors opposite each other on the color wheel, colors that vibrate when placed next to each other and make a scene feel more alive.”

“Creativity is how I love the world and to me creativity is a gift to be given away. It is an expression of one’s most inner spirit, and it involves the highest passions and the highest discipline to communicate that to others in way that they can respond and participate, and find their own expression through it.”

This exhibition received funding support from Art Gumbo.